Madrid is a cosmopolitan city whose international gastronomic offer has evolved a lot in recent years. In Madrid we can find cuisines from all corners of the world in their most authentic and informal versions, but also the most sophisticated, with refined haute cuisine restaurants. One day we can eat in a traditional family trattoria and another day we can dine in a French haute cuisine restaurant. There are taquerias that transport us to Puebla, as well as luxurious Mexican, Chinese or Peruvian restaurants run by internationally renowned chefs.

From the Academia Madrileña de Gastronomía we never want to recommend one establishment over another, we thank the establishments we refer to for their collaboration, but they are only an example of the gastronomic offer that Madrid has, and we invite you to discover for yourselves the great richness of our Community.


Samos Barbecue is the example that American cuisine is much more than the traditional hamburger chains. It is an authentic southern barbecue where they offer dishes such as brisquet, pastrami, pork ribs, beef ribs and of course, burgers.


We are at Barracuda, which is the new project of Mexican chef Roberto Ruiz, a chef who had already triumphed at Punto Mx, where he was awarded a Michelin star. Here he prepares Mexican cuisine with Spanish ingredients of the highest quality. It is a personal cuisine based on traditional Mexican Pacific cuisine, but with products such as Galician blonde marrow, Mediterranean tuna or sea bass from the Canary Islands.


We are in El Bund, a Chinese cuisine restaurant in the north of Madrid, in Arturo Soria street, where they make an elaborate Chinese cuisine not like those typical first restaurants that were in Madrid in Leganitos street, where they gave you rice three delights and sweet and sour chicken, but here they have a much more delicate food, they elaborate handmade dim sum, they elaborate fish dishes from all over China … but always with a refined touch.


No one like Luis Arévalo, chef and owner of Gaman restaurant to tell us about Nikkei cuisine. This fusion of Peruvian and Japanese cuisine is a magnificent example of how the mixture of cultures can be found in gastronomy all over the world.


French cuisine is undoubtedly one of the most important in the world and, in Madrid, although they are not very numerous, restaurants specializing in French cuisine could not be missing. With Brasserie Lafayette, we find a perfect example of integration in the French restaurant offer in Madrid through a bistro with an offer of traditional dishes and a wine list that allows you to discover references that are out of the ordinary.


Within the international cuisine that can be found in Madrid, Italian cuisine has always occupied a preferential place and, within the offer of Italian cuisine, there are many restaurants with a very high level of quality and with an offer that moves away from stereotypes. La Piperna is a good example of a signature Italian cuisine rooted in traditional recipes and with an absolutely personal stamp.