The “chateo” has existed in Spain since long before the Internet brought us the fashion of chatting, and of course, if we have to choose between the two meanings, we are left with the custom of going out for a few “chatos”, either at aperitif time or in the afternoon.

It is true that the traditional “chateo” is disappearing in Madrid, and it is already testimonial to find those taverns with zinc counters and flasks of Valdepeñas where the client asked for a “chato” and the waiter served the wine in one of those small glasses from where the popular term “chatear” came from but, beyond nostalgia, we should not always think that any past time was better and  today in Madrid we have a magnificent range of establishments where wine becomes the undisputed protagonist of the visit.

From the Academia Madrileña de Gastronomía we never want to recommend one establishment over another, we thank the establishments we refer to for their collaboration, but they are only an example of the gastronomic offer that Madrid has, and we invite you to discover for yourselves the great richness of our Community.

We can go to the traditional bars that have chosen to turn wine into their reference offer and enjoy their bars and their good atmosphere while we accompany a glass of wine with a tapa or a portion, We can go to one of the restaurants where the food, being excellent, becomes a mere excuse to get lost in great wine lists.

And, of course, we can go to the wine bars, where you can enjoy hundreds of references and where you can find bottles of mythical vintages and great houses from all over the world.