The “casas de comidas” are a classic of the Madrid’s restaurants.
They are places that in their origins were linked to a family, generally the woman cooked and the man in the dining room was the waiter, he sold the dishes.

In a “casa de comidas” you are not going to find sophisticated dishes, everything is going to be recognizable, everything is going to be homemade and has a varied offer.

From the Academia Madrileña de Gastronomía we never want to recommend one establishment over another, we thank the establishments we refer to for their collaboration, but they are only an example of the gastronomic offer that Madrid has, and we invite you to discover for yourselves the great richness of our Community.

Many traditional recipes that are hardly cooked in the houses, the wines in bulk bottles, dishes that have been lost in our tradition and that here remain, stews of hours of fire, love and a familiar and trusting treatment endure. The public of the food houses is usually a public that comes every day and then they feel at home. It is a way of being at home, but outside of it.

The foreign public that comes to visit Madrid, would love to visit a casa de comidas because deep down it is like eating at someone’s home. A kitchen where there is truth, where there is product, where there is care and where there is affection.