Tapas do not have a nutritional purpose, they mainly have a social purpose, so going for tapas is about sharing time with friends, family or colleagues over food and drink.

Almost any establishment in Madrid that serves beer and wine is going to have some kind of tapas. Maybe it’s something very simple like olives and cheese, cans or maybe it’s something much more elaborate.

From the Academia Madrileña de Gastronomía we never want to recommend one establishment over another, we thank the establishments we refer to for their collaboration, but they are only an example of the gastronomic offer that Madrid has, and we invite you to discover for yourselves the great richness of our Community.

In Madrid, tapas in more modern establishments coexist with others that are very traditional, even 100 years old or more. The traditional establishments have recovered and put in value very traditional dishes of the Madrid and Spanish gastronomy that were being lost from the menus.

It is curious how the very traditional places are adored by the Madrid public and also by visitors who come to spend a few days. They are places that despite being 100 years old or more, are full of life updated. Although the food is usually traditional. The public is both the lifelong and the younger who have just joined this form of leisure