From Collado Mediano to Bocuse d’Or

At the entrance to Collado Mediano, the Box Art Hotel almost goes unnoticed, a small haven of peace that has among its many attractions the Koma restaurant, run by Rubén Amro, a chef with a solid background who has worked in the kitchen of Alberto Chicote and who, under the guidance of Iván Cerdeño, has been in charge of the Florida Park restaurant. After being chosen by ACYRE as the best chef in Madrid, he won the Spanish Cooking and Pastry Championship organized by Facyre and Maestres de Cocina de Castilla y León and, the National Academy Bocuse d’Or Spain, directed by Martín Berasategui, selected him to represent Spain in the prestigious competition in 2022.

In Koma we find a cuisine that, starting from local products and preparations, offers a careful elaboration where you can see the influence of French techniques in Rubén’s work and his references to oriental cuisine.

And if you feel like trying the fusion of Latin recipes with local products, also in Collado Mediano you will find the restaurant Mesta, where Daniel Pedrosa, trained in the school of Salvador Gallego and after a long career that began in Casa Gerardo, continues in various restaurants in Spain, and is completed with his travels to learn about different cultures and cuisines, working in countries such as Argentina, Peru, Venezuela, Dominican Republic and Colombia -where he worked as executive chef of The Peninsula House hotel and as chef of the restaurants ERRE Y FROM of chef Ramón Freixa-, decides to set up his own project in the Sierra de Guadarrama settling in Collado Mediano in 2017.